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Game: Hey You Pikachu!
Platform: Nintendo 64
Nintendo of Japan release date: 12 December 1998
Nintendo (abroad) release date: 01 November 2000
Players: 1

Nintendo's first interactive Pokémon game! Featuring....Pikachuu! Using the microphone (included with the game), you can talk and interact with Pikachuu, while on his daily routines. Pikachuu can actually hear what you are saying!

You join Pikachuu, as you search for ingredients to make stew, search for treasure, and even join Pikachuu as he fishes for Magikarp!

This game is recommended for ages 6 through 12 years, as other age groups might find it too simple. ^-.-^ (Overall, it's a great game!) The graphics are great, the colors are bright, and overall it's rather fun just to talk to Pikachuu, and see how it responds.

The games "Hey You, Pikachu!" and "Genki De Chu"


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